This Leaked Sony PlayStation 5 Design Patent Looks Like An Alien Mothership

We still have a way to go before Sony releases its PlayStation 5 console. Word is it will likely launch towards the end of next year but in the meantime, leaks and rumors abound. The latest info comes by way leaked patent drawings. As depicted, the design is drastically different than any previous PlayStation console.

Sony PlayStation 5 Patent Drawing
Source: LetsGoDigital

It appears as though Sony's technical director Yusuhiro Ootori conceived the design, as shown in the image above. As for the patent, Sony submitted its application in Brazil back in May. More recently, it got published on August 13, 2019 at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), where it is listed as an electronic device.

There is little doubt the images depict anything other than a potential PS5 design. One clue is the Class 14.02 category that includes "data processing equipment and peripheral equipment." Game consoles slot into the same category. Incidentally, the design of the PlayStation 4 was placed into the same category, also in a Brazilian patent.

Here is a look at the probably PS5 design from multiple angles...

Sony PlayStation 5 Patent Drawings
Source: LetsGoDigital

It is a funky design for sure, though perhaps not without a clever purpose. The "V" shaped valley in the top of the console might be a reference to the Roman numeral V, which of course is "5," for the PS5. Functionally, it looks like it provides some additional ventilation. Having once cooked an Xbox One X console (I made the boneheaded of plopping it into an enclosed A/V rack), I can certainly appreciate more vents being incorporated into these types of things.

Overall, it looks like a spaceship, at least from the drawings. Who knows if this will actually be the final design (or close to it), but it's worth noting Sony typically patents designs it plans on selling as products, versus bombarding patent authorities with various concepts.

There appears to be at least five USB ports on the front of the console, along with two more in the rear. We can also see a large power button, and either several other smaller buttons, or a series of LEDs. Those sit above what looks like an optical disc drive slot.

Beyond the actual V cutout, there is copious ventilation around each side. Or those cutouts could simply be for looks—it's hard to tell from the sketches alone.

Physical design aside, we know the PS5 will rock a custom AMD system-on-chip (SoC) that pairs a Zen 2 CPU with a Navi GPU, with ray tracing support. Solid state storage will also be part of the package. Other details, including price and availability, will have to wait.