StarVR Headset Offers Dual 5.5-Inch QHD Displays, 210-Degree Field Of View

It's beginning to look like everyone wants to get in on VR. The latest is Starbreeze, developers of the super-popular PAYDAY series. Its product is called the StarVR, and where it seems the company wants to compete is on the tech specs front.

StarVR Promo

StarVR supports a super-wide 210 degree field-of-view and boasts a monstrous resolution of 5120x1440 (2560x1440 per eye) through dual 5.5-inch displays. For the sake of performance, many VR companies are opting for more modest resolutions, but Starbreeze apparently wants to cater to the high-end folk -- those who don't mind splurging on multiple high-end GPUs.

StarVR Headset

Starbreeze believes its high-end specs will make for more immersive experiences, especially thanks to its wide FOV. One developer called most other VR headsets like looking at a world as a horse with blinders on, and it's a fair comparison to make. But with the resolution StarVR packs in, the GPU requirement makes me cringe. 5120x1440 is about the same number of pixels as 4K, and even the top-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X can't run most games at max detail and attain 60 FPS. Whoever uses StarVR will need one seriously powerful PC.

At E3, Starbreeze is showing off StarVR with its upcoming The Walking Dead game, and it doesn't take much imagination to realize how cool a VR experience with zombies could be. I feel spooked just thinking about it.