Sony's PS5 Slim Doesn't Look So Slim In This Early Console Reveal

Two images of a supposed PS5 Slim case on a black background.
A self-proclaimed cybersecurity expert with a side hustle in repairing PlayStation consoles has posted a video purporting to show Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 Slim refresh. That’s all well and good, but if what’s highlighted in the video turns out to be the final design, then the PS5 Slim might not actually be all that slim after all.

Caveats abound on this one, as is always the case when it comes to leaks and rumors. In this instance, the leaker, “Louie” from Better Way Electronics in Australia, doesn’t mention how or where he obtained the PS5 Slim (CFI-2016) chassis. It’s not clear if there’s any actual hardware inside, though in a separate post, Louie (@BeE_DeV) says he can “confirm the CFI-2016 will have a smaller PSU, but it does not appear to be more power efficient.”
In the video, he rotates the supposed PS5 Slim around to give a glimpse of each side. The system on display follows the same overall design language of the existing PS5, though the Blu-ray disc drive might be removable.

“Note that the SKU on the case doesn't have A or B (Disc/Digital). So my guess is that it comes without the drive and you buy it and attach it later like in the video? Would it then be slim enough to call it a slim? Maybe. It's definitely thinner when you compare the bottom,” Louie says.

He also mentions that the PS5 Slim on display is about “5cm or so shorter” than the regular PS5, but “not much thinner.”
It’s fair to say he’s not all that impressed with the design. In case there was any doubt, in another post he says, “If it’s real and not a prototype, I will be very disappointed when it’s released. Not sure how they’ll justify it beyond it being smaller? It’s definitely not slim.”

Time will tell. One thing we can say is that prototypes can and often do vary wildly from the final design. This was true of the existing PS5, with early prototypes and development kits rocking a much different design aesthetic and form factor than what the finished product ended up being.

The latest leak is in line with a previous image of an alleged PS5 Slim. Likewise, it’s been rumored that Sony will release a PS5 Slim with a detachable drive in September of this year, so we may not have long to find out. Additionally, there’s chatter of a PlayStation 5 Pro (codenamed Trinity) with a massive GPU upgrade coming to market by the end of 2024.

Meanwhile, Sony is still cranking out regular PS5 consoles, having recently surpassed 40 million units sold. Likewise, the limited edition PlayStation 5 Spider-Man 2 bundle is still available to preorder at places like Best Buy.