Sony PlayStation 5 Surpasses 40 Million Console Sales To Take A 2-To-1 Lead Over Xbox

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Despite a challenging launch of its PlayStation 5 console, Sony announces that it has surpassed 40 million in PS5 console sales. As the company says thank you to its customers, it also celebrates a 2-to-1 lead over Xbox in terms of consoles sold.

The company launched the PS5 during a very precarious time in November 2020, as COVID had just begun inflicting damage to the supply chain for tech companies. It struggled to meet the demand of its customers, until the supply chains finally began to normalize. Now, however, Sony says with the support of its customers, it has reached a milestone of 40 million PS5 consoles sold since launch.

In a tweet from @Welfare_JBP, a snapshot from Microsoft's BIG Festival in Brazil showed Xbox Series X/S console sales at 21M+, nearly half that of PS5 sales during the same time.

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Sony touts that the PS5 launched with "the best catalog of games in our industry." Since its launch, the company has continued to add titles ranging from indie games to AAA blockbusters. With more than 2,500 current games available, Sony says it has never been a better time to game on a PS5.

Along with an incredible library of games, Sony has also been working on innovating accessories for the beloved PS5. From the premium DualSense Edge wireless controller to the PlayStation VR2 headset, the company has been looking for ways to add to the overall experience of its customers. There are also things being murmured about on the gossip train, such as a new PS5 variant.

Sony remarked, "We developed PS5 with our community at the forefront of our thinking, which led us to deliver innovations like the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback in the DualSense controller, as well as PlayStation VR2, PlayStation Studios and our third-party partners have jumped in to take advantage of these capabilities and expand their creative toolkit to deliver a generational leap in the experiences they bring to gamers."