PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers Are Dirt Cheap, $35 In This Hot Deal

dualshock 4 controller
PS4 gamers who have worn out their controllers from heavy use or from tossing the controller on the ground in a fit of gamer rage may want to listen up. eBay seller antonline is running a smoking deal on a brand new Dual Shock 4 controllers with a full warranty for $35 instead of the $60 MSRP. The listing shows that 1,877 of the controllers have been sold and calls out that the seller is an authorized Sony distributor. The only caveat is that the controller is offered in black only.

Gamers wanting any of the fancy colors available from Sony will need to go to another retailer and possibly shell out full price. Antonline is a seller that most won't recognize by name, but it has 274,928 feedback and has maintained a feedback rating of 99.1% positive. Gamers who don't want to mess with eBay and wait for the controller to ship, there are some deals on Amazon too.

Amazon's choice for the PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller is the official, jet black, Sony PS4 controller. Amazon is selling it for $43.95, which is a tidy discount from the usual $59.99 price. The big upside for buying via Amazon is free Prime shipping that will get it to you in one or two days. PS4 gamers who want some color with their controllers also have a myriad of color options for only a few dollars more than the $43.95 black PS4 controller. The cheaper eBay listing is here

Those wanting something cheaper who don't mind aftermarket, wired controllers, Amazon can fix you up with one of those for as low as $25. In other PS4 news, Sony issued a software update for the PS4 earlier this month that brought the console to version 7.00.