Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Specs Leak Reveals Major Upgrades For Next-Gen Gaming

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The PlayStation 5 will turn four later this year, and by all accounts, Sony will celebrate by upgrading its successful game console. Some details of the alleged PlayStation 5 Pro have previously leaked, but a new leak has hit the internet with details on the memory, CPU, and more. Combined with the previous GPU leak, the PS5 Pro is shaping up to be a sizable upgrade over the original.

Sony has opted to keep the same custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, but the PS5 Pro will still offer improved speed with an overclocked mode. Gamers will reportedly be able to turn on High CPU Frequency Mode, which boosts the CPU clock to 3.85GHz. This boosted mode adds 10% to the base 3.5GHz clock speed. However, the CPU draws more power in this mode, and as a result, the GPU clock will drop by 1.5%, resulting in 1% loss of graphical performance.

The new leak from Insider Gaming also notes that the system RAM will get an upgrade. There will still be 16GB of it, but the bandwidth will jump from 448 GB/s to 576 GB/s. That's a 28% increase over the current PS5. There will be a small tweak to audio processing, too. The ACV will get a clock speed upgrade, which gives the ACM library 35% faster performance. Theoretically, that means more complex audio effects are on the table.

This comes on the heels of another leak that focused on the PS5 Pro's GPU setup. The GPU in the current PS5 is based on the RDNA 2 architecture, but available info points to the Pro stepping up to an RDNA 3 design—essentially a Radeon RX 7800 XT. The console will allegedly have 33.5 teraflops of single-precision compute, but it's difficult to compare performance due to the design changes. The leak puts the difference in rendering around 45%, and ray tracing is boosted by 2-3 times. Sony is also investigating an on-device upscaling technology that could further boost frame rates.
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The launch PS5 fully disassembled.

Despite being almost impossible to purchase for the first few years of its life, Sony has enjoyed solid PlayStation 5 sales. As of late last year, Sony had sold 50 million PS5s, almost twice as many consoles as Microsoft has moved this generation. However, Sony recently had to cut expectations for 2023 PS5 sales from 25 million to 21 million. Sony admits the console is in the "latter stage of its life cycle," so slowing sales are to be expected. A revamped, faster version of the PlayStation 5 could be just what Sony needs to squeeze  a little more revenue out of this console generation. Rumors suggest the PS5 Pro could launch late this year.