Sony Launches PlayStation Games For PC Website Expansion

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Sony has updated its PlayStation website to include a dedicated section just for PC games. The company has been making a larger investment in the PC gaming arena, with several of its big titles, such as Spider-Man, making their way to Steam and Epic stores.

The new PlayStation Games for PC page acts as a landing page for those looking to play hit titles that include God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and more on a PC. The highly acclaimed Spider-Man video game hit Steam and Epic Stores for sale today. Spider-Man: Miles Morales will soon follow, as PlayStation says it is coming to PC in the Fall of 2022. Another title coming later this year is Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

In the PlayStation PC games FAQs section, the company says the prices for the PC version of games will vary by title, and that you should check the retailer for the latest pricing.

One interesting thing to note is that it says that you do not "currently" need a PSN account to play PlayStation games on PC. This choice of wording could indicate that Sony is considering adding the requirement in the future, but nothing has been indicated by the company as of yet.

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Image Credit: PlayStation

If you are a fan of Sony's DualSense controller and are not quite ready to make the leap to keyboard and mouse, fret not. You can use one of the controllers wired, while certain titles will let you play with it wirelessly.

If you are hoping to grab a copy of the game for free on PC because you already own it on your favorite PlayStation console, know you will be required to buy the game again. Also, note that you will not be able to transfer your progress from your PlayStation to the PC version currently. For all the achievement hunters out there, if you are hoping to add to your trophy collection on PlayStation while playing these titles on PC, you are out of luck there as well. However, the games do support achievements for both Steam and Epic Store, so you will have a whole new set of achievements to strive for.

Sony has already seen a return on its investment into PC gaming, as Horizon Zero Dawn's PC edition had already sold nearly 2.4 million copies as of March 2022. God of War was just short of a million copies sold, coming in at 971,000 units, and Days Gone coming in with around 852,000 copies sold.

As far as future releases, there have been a couple of leaks indicating that Sackboy: A Big Adventure could be in the works, along with a PC port of Returnal following Sony's acquisition of PC port specialist studio Nixxes. This coincides with the company's push into the mobile arena as well, with the company announcing that by 2025 half of the titles released will be for PC and the other half for mobile.

Top Image Credit: PlayStation