Sony Expected to Announce Oculus Rift-Like VR Head Set for PlayStation 4

Get ready for a war in wearable computing. Word on the web is that Sony is planning to reveal its own brand virtual reality head-mounted display intended for its upcoming PlayStation 4 console. Sony originally wanted to debut the headset at Gamescom but scrapped those plans at the last minute as it wrestles with whether to market the device in tandem with the PS4 as a feature advantage over the Xbox One, or let it stand on its own merit as a simple add-on.

The other issue Sony faces is widespread support for Oculus Rift. There have been rumors of Sony and Oculus Rift forming a partnership, but if that doesn't happen, these two technologies will inevitably clash in the market place even though they target two different platforms (consoles and PCs).

Sony VR Headset

According to CVG, Sony's headset will be sold separately from the PS4, unlike Microsoft's strategy of bundling its Kinect 2.0 sensor with the Xbox One and pricing the console $100 more than the competition.

Developers have already started adding support for Sony's headset, including Evolution Studios, which is working with the device to simulate a cockpit view in the PS4 game Drive Club.