Sony Delays Chinese Launch of PlayStation 4

In the race to sell the most game consoles, Sony suffered a slight setback when Chinese officials asked that it make adjustments to its PlayStation 4 (PS4) system before launching it in China. Sony originally planned to release the PS4 in China on January 11, 2015 (this Sunday), but has now postponed the launch to a date that's yet to be determined.

"The government asked us for final adjustments, which will take some time, so we decided to delay the launch date," said Kaede Bun, a spokeswoman for Sony.

Sony PlayStation 4

As for when the new launch date will be, Bun said Sony would offer up more details at a later date. For now, the company has to focus on making whatever adjustments China requires, which Sony didn't disclose. Nevertheless, Sony has to be happy that it's even allowed to sell PS4 models in China after the recent end to a government-imposed ban on consoles dating back to 2000.

After a 
short delay of its own, Microsoft launched its Xbox One console in China back at the end of September last year. After its release, the Xbox One saw over 100,000 unit sales in its first week.

It's not clear what adjustments China wants Sony to make on the PS4 and whether or not they relate to privacy concerns. China has been wary of the products and services it allows inside its borders, and even went to so far as to 
ban the use of Windows 8 on government PCs.