Sony Cyberattack Prompts FBI To Warn U.S Companies Of Iranian Hackers

U.S. businesses have been advised to be on high alert as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns of a highly sophisticated Iranian hacking operation targeting various firms around the world. It's the same operation that cyber security outfit Cylance Inc. investigated a week ago, in which it uncovered more than 50 victims in 16 countries, including the U.S. Cylance called it Operation Cleaver.

The FBI's warning was included in a confidential "Flash" report that Reuters claims to have seen and is filled with technical details about malware and the various techniques cyber criminals are using to pull off these large scale attacks. It also contains advice for businesses on how to protect themselves from these attacks.

Image Source: Flickr (Joscelyn Upendran)

There have been multiple notable cyber attacks in the past month, including the hit on Sony in which hackers stole data containing personal information of actors and actresses, movie scripts, marketing materials, and other things Sony would have preferred stayed under lock and key.

According to the Flash report, most of the attacks originate from a pair of IP addresses in Iran. However, the FBI is being careful not to point a finger at the Tehran government, at least for now. Cylance, on the other hand, believes Iran's government is funding the operation.

Iran is believed to be behind an increasing number of sophisticated cyber attacks in general, including an operation in which hackers infiltrated the Sands Hotel and Casino earlier this year. That particular attack knocked out the majority of the casino's systems, resulting in more than $40 million in cleanup and recovery costs.