FBI Has Yet To Find North Korea Link In Sony Hack

Since the massive security breach at Sony Pictures has occurred, speculation has been that North Korea was behind it. Sony, with the help of cybersecurity firm Mandiant and the FBI, has been investigating the perpetrators behind the breach. However, a senior FBI official stated has stated that government agency has not confirmed that North Korea is behind the attack,

“There is no attribution to North Korea at this point,” said Federal Bureau of Investigation assistant director of its cyber division Joe Demarest on Tuesday at a cybersecurity conference sponsored by Bloomberg Government.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

This is the first time that a senior FBI official has said anything publicly regarding the agency’s investigation into the attack on Sony. He went on to say that, to date, there has been no confirmation of government involvement but didn’t offer up any further explanations.

North Korea, which has denied any involvement, has been suspected of being behind the cyber attack due to the country’s stance on Sony Picture’s upcoming movie “The Interview” in which the plot revolves around the planned assassination of the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

Since the initial attack, information about upcoming films, workers and actors’ salaries, and actor’s social security numbers have been leaked along with threats being directed at Sony employees.