Sony Announces Updated PlayStation VR Headset Packing New Processor Unit

Sony has been offering PlayStation 4 gamers who want to get in on virtual reality action one of the more affordable headsets out there courtesy of the PlayStation VR. It has announced that an updated PS VR headset is in the works and the new device will have model number CUH-ZVR2. The design of the new version has been updated to enable stereo headphone cables to be integrated into the headset and a slimmer and more streamlined connection cable.


The updated Processor Unit supports HDR pass through so that users can watch HDR-compatible content on their TV without having to disconnect their Processor Unit that lives between the PS4 console and the TV. The headset does have to be turned off for the pass-through to work.

While Sony is giving up most of the details on the headset right now, it is keeping the launch date mum. The company is only saying, "We will share details on the launch timing in North America at a later date. The pricing of the PS VR bundles will remain the same." That should mean that the cheapest bundle for the revised PS VR headset will continue on at $399. A bundle featuring the headset, PS Camera, and PS Move controllers is offered for $449.

Gamers concerned about telling the difference between leftover stock of the original headset and the new model can look for a slight change in packaging. Sony says that the new model number will be printed on the box, so be sure the one you are looking at is model CUH-ZVR2.

Sony also notes that the cables for the original headset and the new one are different, meaning you can't swap the Processor Units for an upgrade. All existing Sony VR compatible games with work with the new headset model.