Sony Announces Retro-Themed, 20th Anniversary Edition PS4

It's hard to believe (and it makes us feel old), but the original PlayStation console came out on this day two decades ago. Time flies when you're playing games, doesn't it? To celebrate 20 years of gaming, Sony is doing something cool with its PlayStation 4 system -- the Japanese electronic giant is releasing a limited number of 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 consoles that harken back to the system's roots with an "Original Gray" color scheme.

The hardware inside will remain the same, but on the outside, the console, controllers, camera, and even the vertical stand and mono headset will all be splashed in the same gray color as the original PS, which will be available for a price of 49,980 Yen in Japan, €499 in Europe, and US$499 in North America.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 1

"The ‘PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition’ is a very special model that is reminiscent of the original PlayStation, which has inspired every other PlayStation platform launched in the past two decades. This limited edition PS4 offers a great sense of nostalgia to long-time PlayStation fans, while also providing a fresh experience to those who never picked up the original console," said Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

"The ‘PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition’ embodies our appreciation and gratitude to all our fans, publishers, and business partners that have provided us with tremendous support for the past 20 years, and we look forward to their support as we continue to imagine and build the future of PlayStation together for years to come. We remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver the best gaming experiences and to offer the best place to play for gamers around the world."

PS4 and PS1 Controllers

Sadly, Sony is only making 12,300 of these special edition consoles worldwide, a number the company chose to commemorate the day the original PS launched in Japan. They'll go up for pre-order on December 6 and undoubtedly will sell out fast. If you want to try and snag one, Sony says to tune into the PlayStation Experience keynote on Saturday morning starting at 10:00am Pacific Time for details on how to place your order.

In the meantime, here's a rather neat unboxing video that shows the upcoming console in detail.

Pretty snazzy!