Some X600s, Mushkin RAM, and Making Movies

Good evening folks!  BW here checking in with a late night shot of hardware goodness.  I'm engrossed in a huge article for you AMD fans out there, and want to get back to business, but I thought you'd all like to what's been going on in the hardware world the last few hours.  Here's what came into the news box tonight...

 Making DVD Movies from Video Files @ PCStats:

"Given the imminent death of the VCR (as soon as recordable DVD set-top boxes become an affordable item), we feel it's a good time to get a jump on converting your treasured home movies to recordable DVDs. In a recent Beginner's Guide, we explored the process of turning your videotaped home movies into compressed video files for storage and display on your computer. We'd now like to present the companion piece to that article. In this guide, we will explore and explain the process of authoring DVDs from video files you have stored on your computer, that will play on any home DVD player. We will also run through some basic editing techniques to help you get the best out of your home movies."

 HIS Excalibur X600XT iCooler VIVO LIMITED EDITION Video Card Video Review @ 3DG:

"This product is a PCI Express Video Card with an AGP Bus of 16x over the standard 8x. This card has many excellence features/technologies, performs well, and is best suited for a moderate gamer. Ramsinks on all the memory and a quiet cooler on the core helps when overclocking. Also, HIS offers this card in a number of VIVO/MB configurations. Watch the Video to find out more..."

 Mushkin LII V2 PC3200 & OCZ Gold Rev 3 PC3700 @ Bit-Tech:

"Mushkin return to the fast lane, while OCZ exercise some extreme bandwidth - but which is the better performer?"

 Mega 12-way Intel 925 and 915 Motherboard Roundup @ TweakTown:

"Brace yourself! We have rounded up no less than 12 of the latest Intel 925 and 915 chipset based motherboards to hit the market from Albatron, ABIT, Gigabyte, EPoX, Tyan, MSI, ASUS and Intel. If you are looking at buying a new motherboard to suit your new Pentium 4 LGA775 socket processor, you'd be silly not to stop by and check out our results!"

 HIS Excalibur X600XT VIVO Limited Edition @ Viper Lair:

"Gaming performance is mid range which is what the card is designed for. Modern games will run at about 1024x768 very happily with mild AA and AF applied. Older games will have no trouble, but the latest games such as FarCry and Doom III will push the card to its limits. If you are serious about playing either of those two then you would be better served by looking at a higher specification card."

All right, that's going to have to do it for now.  Be cool brothers and sisters!  I'll see you back here in the morning!

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