Socket 939 and K8T800Pro, DVD Hard Disks, Wireless Music, VIA's Latest

Good morning all.  It looks like this week has shaped up to be quite a busy one.  The hardware news has been developing all week long and today is no different.  There's good stuff going on, so let's get down to business: 

VIA Reveals Details of Next Generation C5J Esther Processor Core With Advanced Features For Securing E-Commerce Transactions:

"Designed to be coupled with a range of feature rich chipsets from VIA, the C5J Esther core will enable unprecedented performance of demanding applications, such as high compression video streaming and data encryption/decryption, from miniature, fanless devices."

The Inquirer is reporting that AMD and Tyan are working on a 4-Way Operton server board:

"Server mobo maker Tyan said that it and AMD will introduce the latest four way mobo and barebone server system in early June."

CNET reports that Linksys and RealNetworks are taking digital tunes to your living room:

"The companies announced Wednesday that subscribers of Real's Rhapsody music subscription service can use an audio component, called Linksys Media Link for Music, to access their online music from a stereo. The component uses the 802.11b wireless networking standard."

It seems Toshiba is pushing their Hard Disk DVD device, name RD-XS32. Check PCWorld for more details:

"In the first three months of 2004 a total of 510,000 units have already been shipped, up 92 percent on the same period a year earlier. Models with hard disk drives made up 366,000 units, according to JEITA. The outlook remains positive in part because of the Olympic Games, which will be screened late in the evening and overnight in Japan."

AMDZone has a first look the Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard based on the VIAK8T800Pro and Socket 939 design:

"Since our P5A we have been Asus fans. Yes, that is some time ago. We are always excited to see a new Asus board delivered to the Zone. Their latest is the Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro based A8V Deluxe that miraculously showed up shortly after our KT8T800 Pro preview stated waiting till a 939 comparison to the nForce 3 250 was needed before we concluded which was our favorite slice of silicon to secure you CPU next to. We can't offer a review with 939 benchmarks as of yet, and instead offer this tantalizing first look."

That's about it for now, but there is surely more on the way, so stick around!

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