Snoop Dogg Demands Bill Gates Fix His Shizzle Following Xbox Live Outage, Threatens PlayStation Defection

It what seems to be an increasing occurrence for gaming consoles (on both the Microsoft and Sony sides of the aisle), Microsoft experienced an extended Xbox Live outage yesterday that affected millions of gamers across the globe. The outage affected both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One game consoles, making it impossible for console owners to hit up their family multiplayer games or even perform simple tasks such as chats.

While such service interruptions are annoying, we can’t really see it as a reason to get incredibly worked up about an outage that lasts for just a few hours. However, someone forgot to relay that message to rap mogul Snoop Dogg, who went on a 15-second profanity-laced tirade against Microsoft in an Instagram video.

snoop dogg

We must warn your, the language in the video below is most definitely Not Safe For Work:

Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your sh** or playstation here we come πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώβœ¨πŸŒŸπŸˆ

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“What the f**k is you doing, Bill Gates? Fix yo s**t, man,” exclaims a clearly irate Snoop Dogg. Perhaps someone should tell Snoop Dogg that Bill Gates isn’t running the show over at Microsoft any longer, and he hasn’t for quite some time. And Gates has better things to do these days, such as helping to bring clean drinking water to millions and helping to eradicate life-threatening diseases in impoverished nations.

Perhaps Snoop Dogg should take his beef up with current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, or perhaps Xbox Chief Phil Spencer. If that doesn’t work, Snoop Dogg could always make good on his threat to jump from Xbox One land over to the PlayStation 4; but that won’t guarantee that he’ll have 100% uptime for his late night gaming sessions.