Sony's PlayStation Network Brought Down, Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility

Sony had a huge weekend celebrating the PlayStation’s 20th anniversary with the release of a special edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 and hosting the PlayStation Experience at which the company revealed a plethora of new titles coming to its gaming platforms. However, Sony’s PlayStation Network suffered outages due to denial-of-service attacks over the weekend courtesy of a group claiming to be Lizard Squad.

Sony confirmed that the network with a message that stated, “We are aware that users are having issues connecting to PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate.” While the original Lizard Squad Twitter account was finally 
suspended, a new account is claiming responsibility for the PSN outage and that it is Lizard Squad. In a tweet, the group appears to promise that they are not done claiming that the “entire month will be entertaining.”

Lizard Squad Twitter

Back in August, a group calling itself Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for bringing down a number of gaming services that included Sony’s PlayStation Network, Microsoft’s Xbox Live, various MMOs, and even Twitch TV. The group seemed to focus more on Sony during that time as it also grounded a plane carrying a Sony executive by sending a bomb threat on its original Twitter account.

In addition, the group claimed responsibility for last week’s Microsoft's Xbox Live service disruptions. Meanwhile, Sony Pictures is dealing with a real hacking incident that brought its 
offices to a halt and resulted in the release of sensitive information like social security numbers.  

At the time of this article’s publishing, PSN is still undergoing outages for some users.