Skype Unveils Flat-Rate, Unlimited Calling Plan

On Monday Skype, announced new subscription plans that allow flat-rate unlimited calling to 34 countries. It should be noted that for Skype defines unlimited as 10,000 minutes / month; after that standard fees apply.  Of course, 10,000 minutes equates to about 5 hours a day, so what the heck?

The company said it was offering unlimited calls to landline and cell phones in the U.S. and Canada for $2.95 a month.

It also offers unlimited calls to phones in 34 countries including Australia, China, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom, for $9.95 per month, it said.

Skype users in Europe can choose from unlimited plans ranging from 2.95 euros to 8.95 euros a month depending on the destination of calls, the company said.

There isn't a contract required, but if you sign up for 3- or 12-months before June 1st you'll receive a 33% discount.