Skullcandy's Tiny Dime 3 Earbuds Won't Get Lost In Your Couch Cushion

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Skullcandy just released a set of TWS (true wireless stereo) earbuds that's not only small in price, but also in size. The third-generation Dime is back and more feature-packed than ever for only $30 MSRP.

Park City, Utah-based Skullcandy has launched its fourth earbud of the ear of the year called the Dime 3. Even though it's coming in as the smallest earbuds in the company's lineup, the Dime 3 is packed with useful features that some can find only in higher end earbuds.
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Reminiscent of the recent miniscule JLab Mini, the Dime 3 is just as compact. One could easily loose track of it due to its size, but thankfully, Skullcandy thought of integrating a lanyard loop to secure the storage case to something like your keychain or backpack. As a backup, the earbuds possess built-in Tile finding technology. By pinging the Tile app, any misplaced earbud can be easily located. 

Another headlining feature is multipoint pairing, where users can seamlessly switch between two paired devices, such as listening to music on one and answering a call on the other. There's also Stay-Aware mode which can be activated as a passthrough function to allow users to better hear their surroundings without removing any of the earbuds.

Dime3 Black Detail Case&Buds

Even though the Dime 3 doesn't have app support to customize controls and audio settings, there is a comprehensive suite of media and call controls accessible via touch pads, plus three EQ presets that users can cycle through with said touch controls.

Skullcandy also imbued their latest earbuds with impressive battery life (8 hours listening time) and IPX4 water resistance, which means these can potentially handle a week's worth of gym workouts without breaking a sweat (pun intended).

The Dime 3 is available right now at major retailers or directly from Skullcandy's merchant site in two colorways—True Black and Bone.