Skullcandy Unveils Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers For The Ultimate Beach Party

hero SKDY Press Image
Skullcandy is launching an entirely new line-up of portable Bluetooth speakers just in time for those summer camping trips, pool parties, or outdoor movie nights.

This year has been busy for Park City, Utah-based Skullcandy. So far, we've seen the release of the new Crusher ANC 2 headphones, and the sub-$20 Smokin' Buds plus Rail-series flagship earbuds, Today, the company is releasing five, yes five, rugged, IPX7 waterproof models, namely the Ounce, Kilo, Terrain Mini, Terrain, and Terrain XL.

Skullcandy Kilo

Among the most portable are the 5W Ounce and 7W Kilo speakers, which come in seven color options. You can easily clip these speakers to any loop or carabiner on your backpack for sound on the go. Both sport the latest Bluetooth 5.3 protocol for stable connectivity, ruggedized build, strong battery life (up to 18 hours for the Ounce and 24 hours for the Kilo), and simple to use controls. And no, the speakers neither weigh an ounce nor a kilo, but 184g and 274g respectively.

Skullcandy Terrain XL

Moving up to the Terrain speakers. Besides also offering IPX7, Bluetooth 5.3, and large controls, the Terrain Mini, Terrain, and Terrain XL share the ability to pair with another Terrain speaker for a wider stereo effect if needed through what the company calls SKDY Multi-Link, aka party mode. If you're feeling extra irresponsible, you can ever pair up to 99 more Terrain speakers together. Where the Ounce and Kilo are shaped more like river-polished rocks, the Terrain speakers are cuboid, allowing you to rest the speaker on practically every side. Aside from the 6W Terrain Mini, peak power takes a leap to 12W for the Terrain and 20W for the Terrain XL.

All the affordable speakers are available beginning today on the Skullcandy site as well as on Amazon. The Ounce retails for $30, the Kilo and Terrain Mini for $40, the Terrain for $60, and the Terrain XL for $80.