Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2 Fan-Favorite Classic Headphones Get Updated

hero CrusherANC2b
Skullcandy has upgraded its classic Crusher ANC headphones with new bass-centric capabilities, almost triple the battery life, and something rare in this inflationary, supply-restricted world—a much lower price.

At almost 4 years old, the OG Crusher ANC was overdue for an overhaul. Today, Park City, Utah-based Skullcandy has announced the Crusher ANC 2 with plenty of modern improvements over its predecessor. Leading the charge, quite literally, is the advertised 60/50 hours (ANC off/on) run time, putting the Crusher ANC 2 among the top of the heap. This is also a huge bump in battery life over the older model which could only muster 24 hours max.


The bass output on the new Crusher ANC 2 headphones is also highly tunable. The Crusher ANC 2's feature an adjustable bass rotary dial, which allows users to easily tweak the bass from zero to 100%, or quickly select bass presets by clicking the dial. Audio can be further fine-tuned by using the Skull-iQ app where users can enable one of the EQ presets or create a custom one of their own. 


The Crusher ANC 2s are also highly customizable. Not only can owners customize the on-board button controls to fit their needs, this headphones also sport hands-free voice control, dedicated buttons to launch Spotify (called Spotify Tap), activate/adjust ambient mode (called Stay-Aware), or even snapping a photo with your connected phone.

Skullcandy claims that their active noise cancellation algorithm (with quad-mics) has been greatly improved as well, but only further testing will prove whether that's truly the case. The design retains much of the original's aesthetic, although the newer Crusher ANC 2s looks more organic, with better material quality. There's no mention of what codecs the headphones support with its new Bluetooth 5.2 protocol, but it does bring with it multipoint pairing, where users can seamlessly switch between two paired devices.

The Crusher ANC 2 is available today on the Skullcandy site. Probably most impressive is the price—at $230 MSRP, the new version retails for $90 less than its older sibling.