Sixense Developing STEM Wireless Modular Motion Tracking System, VR Continues To Trend

We feel like we’ve said it recently, but this has been a good year for virtual reality and gaming. For example, the Oculus Rift is rolling, and we’ve seen additional innovations from the likes of Omni, with its omni-directional treadmill and Atlas, a project designed to use Oculus Rift to turn any room into a holodeck.

There’s another exciting new project in the VR world from Sixense, and it’s a wireless modular tracking system called STEM. STEM “enables players to interact naturally and intuitively with games by tracking full position and orientation at all times, whether at the desktop or throughout the entire living room”, and it’s the same technology that underpins Razer’s Hydra controller.

Sixense STEM controller

STEM supports up to five wireless tracking modules that can track your head, hands, feet, body, and more. Also note well that the STEM system is an open platform, so the community can contribute to its development and future success. In fact, there’s already an SDK available for PC, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Sixense STEM controller

Sixense says that there’s no drift as the tech is based on gyroscopes and position tracking as opposed to inertial sensors, there’s low latency, and the system tracks position and orientation on all three axes for each STEM. There are also no line-of-sight requirements.

Sixense already blew way past its Kickstarter goal of $250,000 (at last count the total was $467, 297), so the project is funded.