SilverStonetek SST-FP54, SunBeamTech Molex Mods and More

Good to see you again friends :)  With the world of work starting back up for me again this morning, I do not have a huge amount of time to chit-chat.  However, I do have enough to fire up another round of linkage.  Enjoy your day, I will "see" you back here later this evening...

 SilverStonetek SST-FP54 Review @

"You'd perhaps think that this parallel powered VFD was late into the market. And well, perhaps it is...But seeing that you can't buy too many printers these days that use the parallel port anymore, that leaves potential for all those free printer ports doesn't it? This parallel (2x16) character VFD from SilverStone, with its beveled, brushed aluminum front panel, in silver or black, is perhaps the final touch to finish off a mod. Continue on to see what I think..."

 SunBeamTech Molex Lighting Mods @

"Today we take a look at three products from SunBeamTech that allow you to add even more lighting to that case of yours with lighting mods for your Molex plugs: the MiniBay Bus, Molex lights, and Night Magic."

 New Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T33 @ I4U

"Sony offers in several Asian countries the Sony DSC-T33 5MP Digital Camera, a more stylish shaped version of the recently introduced Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T3.  Similar to the Sony DSC-T11, that was introduced a bit after the Sony DSC-T1, the DSC-T33 is technically the same as the DSC-T3, but has a different styling.  The Sony DSC-T33 apparently comes in silver, white, blue and brown color. The shape of the DSC-T33 features rounder corners and overall looks more dynamic then the DSC-T3."

 How IP-Based Video Surveillance Works @ The Tech Zone

"When you're shopping around for an IP-based video surveillance system, you will need to be particularly cautious about what exactly you're looking at and what the individual terms mean. How IP-based video surveillance works is open to interpretation as far as some video surveillance and security salespeople are concerned -- not because they are trying to confuse the issues, but because there is no genuine consensus on what the term "IP-based" or related ones such as "networked" or "web-based" means."

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