Silverstone LC10, Samsung LCD, HIS X800XL and More!

Hey there folks, we've got a full line-up for you this Friday morning.  If you are in the market for a sweet HTPC case, the SilverStone LC10 may be what you need.  You may also want to check the LC11 I reviewed not too long ago as another option.  The HIS Radeon X800XL is another piece that catches my eye.  While they can be really hard to find in the states, HIS makes some great cards.  Well, let's get started! Have a great weekend.

HIS Radeon X800XL PCI-E @

"When you first hear "X800XL", it is quite natural for words such as "bastardised", "featureless" and "cheap" to come to mind, primarily brought on by a few poor performing "XL" and "Lite" chips in the past, but at US$349, the HIS Radeon X800XL iTurbo is certainly not "cheap", and featuring HIS's iconic IceQII cooler with iTurbo overclocking, it certainly doesn't seem "featureless", but is it a restricted, or "bastardised" videocard, as the XL suffix could suggest?"

Samsung SyncMaster 710N LCD Monitor Review @ The Tech Zone:

"Once LCD panels with 12ms pixel response times started coming out, LCD based gaming entered the high performance arena. Now you could have a space saving display without any compromise on performance. However, like all high performance hardware, 12ms LCD panels held a high price tag for quite a while. Samsung - and many of their fellow competitors - have broken that barrier as well, and their offerings have been available for a while. We have one such offering on the review bench today."

SilverStone LC10 HTPC Case Review @ OCModShop:

"The outside of the case is absolutely stunning and will definitely match your other equipment. External design looks very professional and is well implemented. More thought should have been put into the needs of the home theater enthusiast, as the bar is raised for professional home theater equipment. What is acceptable for a standard computer will be scrutinized by an audiophile."

Raidmax RX-520XP PSU review @

"This review was going to be a big power supply shootout, but I found that so many power supplies are so different in so many ways, it really wasn't fair to put them "head to head."  Is it fair to put a $200 PC Power and Cooling against a $50 Powmax?  Is it fair to put a modular Ultra X-Connect against a non-modular Thermaltake Pure Power Butterfly?  There's so many different strokes for different folks, I decided to break down the review into several smaller reviews that will be posted over the next several weeks."

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