SilverStone Eudemon Multifunction Panel, Upgrading A Motherboard Without Reinstalling, and more!

Hey folks! Following up on the previous announcement today for the 64-Bit version of Far Cry, we have a little bit more information for you. Below you can find a list of the additions and enhancements, as well as the system requirements(other than needing Windows XP 64-Bit, and an AMD64 CPU). If you'd like to see some screenshots of it, just click here. Patch can be found here.

Far Cry 64-Bit Enhancements and Requirements

The AMD64 version of Far Cry will take you back to the digital jungle for new experiences as Jack Carver. You'll see richer environments with more objects and more realistic beaches, water, and sky. It will truly immerse you. You'll also play two additional multiplayer levels only available in the AMD64 version. And finally, with an improved draw distance allowing you to see even more detail through the binoculars, Jack will be better equipped to survey his lush environment.

Far Cry 64-Bit Additions/ Enhancements:
All Levels:Improved terrain textures, Increased view distance, Offset bump mapping added for rock and stone objects, More insects and birds

On the Pier Level:
New beach road with additional vehicle, Barrel storage camp, Opened more space to explore

Pier and Boat:
New terrain textures with shader (next-gen technology)

Two New 64-bit only Multiplayer levels:
Stronghold, Gorge

Minimum System Specs for 64-Bit Version:
Supported OS: Windows
(R) XP, Windows(R) XP Professional x64 Edition
Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 processor 2800 (3400 Recommended)
RAM: 1GB (2GB Recommended)
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9800 or NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 class graphics card(x800 or 6800 Recommended)
Sound Card: AC-97 sound, Dolby Digital capable sound solution required for Dolby Digital audio.
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0 included with 64-bit OS
Hard Drive Space: 4 GB
Multiplay: Broadband with 64Kbps upstream play (512 Kbps upstream to host 8 players)

SilverStone Eudemon Multifunction Panel @ LAN Addict

"SilverStone's Eudemon Multifunction Panel doesn't read memory cards, it doesn't have audio ports, it doesn't have USB ports and it doesn't have FireWire ports. What the SilverStone Eudemon does do, and do pretty darn well, is keep track of three different temperatures and control the fans you connect to it to keep those temperatures under control. It also has a little
LED to show hard drive activity and one to let you know the power to your motherboard is on, in case you forget."

Upgrading A Motherboard Without Reinstalling @ PCStats

"You can upgrade a processor or add a new memory module without causing so much as a blip from Windows XP, but a new motherboard can and will cause XP to stop booting altogether. Many have tried, and many have been greeted with the cold gasp of the Blue Screen of Death for their efforts. Fortunately, the procedure for correctly installing a new motherboard is rather easy and straightforward, and more fortunately, we're here to talk you through it."

Samsung Notebook Launch (Summer 2005) @ Hardware Zone

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