SilentTower HeatPipe Cooler, Global WIN Case and More

Good evening brothers and sisters :)  Well, the day has almost come and gone.  With only the gentle hum of my computer to keep me company here the lab, I know bed time is fast approaching.  However, before I crawl between the sheets, there is enough time for one final update for the day.  Here is your Nightcap...

SilentTower HeatPipe Cooler Review @ ipKonfig

"OK, so now this is a heatsink not often considered by many buyers, but does have some unique characteristics, to say the least. Heatpipe technology has become more popular over the past year, and many have found it effective. And of course the main benefit touted for heatpipe technology is less noise, though use of less CFM to circulate through the heatsink. Does it really run quieter, though?"

Global WIN YCC-1102 Micro-ATX Case @ System Cooling

"In recent months Global WIN has been working hard to bring new and exciting products to the ever expanding computer market. A few weeks back we reviewed the Global WIN SlimPC S27 Micro-ATX case which offered a stylish design and all aluminum chassis. The only flaw of the S27 was its ability to only be able to handle shorter PCI cards or require the use of riser adapters. Well in today's review we'll be looking at the Global WIN YCC-1102, another Micro-ATX case that offers a bit more versatility by allowing the use of normal size AGP/PCI cards and features such as a front LCD, audio, USB and FireWire ports. Delivered in a stylish and attractive package that is fairly simplistic yet chromed and illuminated enough to attract many tastes."

HIS Excalibuer 9550 VIVO (128MB) Reviewed @

"Hightech Information System Ltd better known as HIS has released some great graphics cards in the past. In and effort to keep up with the competitors inroads in lucrative low-end market a new video card was brought to the market bearing the moniker "9550". In this case it happens to be the HIS 9550 VIVO model. So come on along as we check it out and see just how well it performs as we benchmark it."

Asus P4R800-V Deluxe Motherboard Review @ PC Stats

"There are many reasons why system integrators love motherboards built with nVIDIA's nForce2 chipset as much as they do; it's an extremely powerful and totally loaded core logic, and it boasts many features too. Until recently though, there wasn't a Pentium 4 chipset that offered a similar level of versatility, that is until ATi released their Radeon 9100 IGP Northbridge. Like the nVidia nForce2, the ATI Radeon 9100 IGP is no slouch when it comes to integrated chipset performance, and easily puts Intel's integrated solution, the i865G to shame on the graphics front. Definitely not too shabby for ATi's first stab at a core logic chipset! The Radeon 9100 IGP is especially good for those of us who are looking to build a lean machine. The integrated DX8 Radeon 9100 IGP is not the fastest thing we've ever used, but it does deliver playable frame rates at 640x480 in most games. That's a feat that no other integrated videocard can do."

Time for me to head to bed,  I will see you tomorrow :) - Cheers