Silentium T2 Case, Fanless PSU Roundup, and more!

Good afternoon folks, welcome back from the weekend. To start you off today, we have an announcement... there's going to be a beast of a machine unveiled at CeBIT 2005, the description is below you so check it out and feel free to drool all over your keyboard, you won't be alone. Enjoy the rest of the news :)

PC enthusiasts' dream machine on display at CeBIT 2005

Broenderslev, Denmark, March 2005 - ABIT Computer Corporation, Kingston Technology(R), ATI Technologies Inc. and asetek(R) Incorporated have joined forces at this year's CeBIT 2005 to present the ultimate dream machine for PC enthusiasts and gamers. The system based on VapoChill(R) CPU cooling, WaterChill™ graphics, hard drive and motherboard chipset cooling, ABIT Fatal1ty AA8 XE motherboard, ATI RADEON X850XT PE graphics card, Kingston Technology HyperX PC6000 765MHz DDR2 RAM and Intel P4 3.8GHz CPU overclocked to +5000MHz is displayed at the ABIT booth (A50) - Hall 23.

"The jointly configured system forms the basis of the ultimate dream machine for PC enthusiasts and gamers available on the market today. The CPU runs with a magnificent speed at +5000MHz, the Front Side Bus (FSB) will be close to 270MHz and the memory speed 765MHz. All essential hardware components will be cooled down with phase-change cooling and water-cooling, especially the CPU that will be taken to -33/-50C degrees by the powerful cooling unit mounted in the VapoChill(R) LightSpeed system. Furthermore will the graphics card, hard drive and the motherboard chipset be chilled by asetek's highly recognized and awarded water-cooling product line; WaterChill™," states Morten Berg-Christensen, Communication Manager at asetek.

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Intel's BTX Form Factor - An Analysis and Opinion @ HEXUS

"BTX based systems are (very) slowly surfacing, but what is this BTX all about anyway? We take a look at what it consists of and whether we think it will be any good. AMD also provided us with a response regarding their systems and the BTX standard."

Soltek K8T890 @ t-break

"One thing that we haven't seen in some time is the usage of jumpers for onboard components and we were quite surprised to find them on the K8T890 Pro for enabling/disabling the onboard RAID and LAN. Sotlek should move these options in the BIOS."

Silentium T2 Case @

"The Silentium 2 is an ATX Midtower case that has quite a few features packed inside. Some of the more notable features include a front mounted PSU, tool-less drive rails, and a design that ventilates air from the bottom of the case. These features of course come at a price ($129USD)."

MSI and XFX 6600 GT AGP and PCI-E Video Card Evaluation @ HardOCP

"Once again, we saw no gaming performance differences between the PCI-Express GeForce 6600 GT and the GeForce 6600 GT in AGP format with the HSI bridge chip. If you are concerned that going AGP right now may be holding you back in gaming performance, we have proved this is not the case."

Fanless Power Supply Roundup @ XYZ Computing

"One area where its becoming increasingly easy to go fanless is your power supply unit. This is a great way to remove one or two fans from your computer and cut down on on extra system noise. Though PSUs are not exactly notorious for being loud this is a good step towards a quieter system and a crucial one towards a silent one."

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