Sick Site: Predict Britney's Death, Win PS3

Here's the ultimate in sick and tasteless websites: a site that is offering a PS3 if you correctly predict the date of Britney Spears death. The site is linked above. Let's be honest: her lifestyle is destructive, but predicting her death? The site says:

We’ll all have a date with our maker someday, but like Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears just can’t seem to wait. A couple of years ago she looks stunning and was a wet dream for every man. But for some reason Britney also landed in a self-destruction derby. Guess her final breath and be crowned Mr. Or Mrs. Death. Winner will be rewarded with a PS3.

All right, this is the most tasteless site we've ever seen. And yes, from the blurb above you can tell: they have a site for Amy Winehouse, with an iPod Touch for that winner.  Based on the number of entries (960+ pages at 10 per page) there are plenty who would do anything for a PS3 however.   All right readers, 'fess up.  Would - or did - any of you enter?

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