Shop For Items Bourne's Whacking That Guy With

Microsoft and Toshiba today announced the formation of a consortium to hype advanced HD DVD interactive technology.  They mentioned "interactivity and interoperability" and  said they'd "maximize consumer satisfaction," among other things. Long story short: They want to sell you things while you're watching movies.

Major Hollywood studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. as well as DreamWorks Animation SKG will join the consortium, which will be established by the end of the year, a Toshiba spokeswoman told Dow Jones Newswires.

Technology that will be introduced, for instance, will enable users watching HD DVD movies to purchase goods used by the actors online, the spokeswoman said.

Expect product placement in movies, already pretty silly, to get really crazy now. "Hello. I'd like to buy the magazine Jason Bourne is using in the knife fight. No, not the one in the toaster that starts the fire and explosion. What kind of toaster is that? That's a nice toaster..."
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