Sharp Debuts TVs With Built-In Blu-Ray Recorders

Sharp claims that its new AQUOS DX series of LCD TVs are the world's first LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray recorders. The new DX series TVs will be available in Japan starting in November and will come in sizes ranging from 26 inches to 52 inches. The TVs will include dual-digital tuners and can record high-definition video to Blu-ray Discs (BD) using MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 encoding.

With a 50GB BD, up to about 21 hours and 40 minutes of compressed high-definition video can be recorded to disc. On the other end of the spectrum, about 2 hours and 10 minutes of the highest-quality video can be recorded on a 25GB BD. You can start recording to disc in as little as three seconds after a disc is inserted, and recordings can be scheduled using the integrated electronic program guide. The BD recorder also, obviously, acts a Blu-ray and DVD player movie--movies automatically start playing when they are inserted into the player.

 Aquos DX series (Credit: Sharp)

The 52, 46, 42, and 37-inch models feature a native 1,920x1,080 resolution and a 2,000:1 static contrast ratio. The 32 and 26-inch models have a native resolution of 1,366x768 and a static contrast ratio of 1,500:1.

  Aquos DX series (Credit: Sharp)
The AQUOS DX series use 10-bit, TFT-based LCD screens, with 120Hz drives. Sharp claims that the TVs have a brightness of 450cd/m2 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 15,000:1. The largest two sizes (52 and 46 inches) come with 2.1-channel audio and are available with either black or white bodies and bezels; while the rest of the line (42, 37, 32, and 26-inches) has stereo speakers and comes in three color choices (black, white, or red). All models include two HDMI, two D4 Video (a Japanese connector type), two or three S-Video (depending on the model), and one analog-RGB (15-pin VGA) input. Other connectors include analog and digital audio-out, coaxial video, RJ-11 telephone, RJ-45 100Mbps Ethernet, and RS232, as well as a B-CAS card slot (again, Japanese only). Obviously, some of these connector types are specific for the Japanese market. When the DX series makes it way to the U.S., the D4 Video connectors will likely be swapped out with composite-video connectors, and the B-CAS card slot with a CableCard slot.

As to when the DX series will hit U.S. shores or how much they will cost, we're still waiting for a call back from Sharp. reported the prices in Euros, which we have converted into U.S. dollars below. (Note that with the world economy’s current precarious state, currency values are highly volatile. So, what might be an accurate currency conversation rate as of when this story was written, might not be accurate by the time you read this.)

  • 52-inch model (LC-52DX1-B/W): $4,800
  • 46-inch model (LC-46DX1-B/W): $4,406
  • 42-inch model (LC-42DX1-B/W/R): $3,660
  • 37-inch model (LC-37DX1-B/W/R): $2,847
  • 32-inch model (LC-32DX1-B/W/R): $1,959
  • 26-inch model (LC-26DX1-B/W/R): $1,627
UPDATE: A Sharp representative tells us that U.S. availability and pricing has not been set yet.

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