Second Battlefield 1 Teaser Trailer Brings Melee Combat To The Forefront

Exactly one month ago today, Dice took the veil off of the next major Battlefield title. The oddly-named Battlefield 1 will take a break from more futuristic combat to bring us way back to the World War I era. While World War II-styled games used to be poked fun at due to the sheer amount available, it seems now is the right time to give ourselves a new-age WW1 experience.


To say that the hype surrounding this game is huge would be an understatement. While we've learned the hard lesson of not putting our complete faith into launch trailers, Battlefield 1's was so good that even if it doesn't live up 100% it should still be an incredible game.

So incredible, in fact, that it seems EA would like to drag out the game's marketing as much as humanly possible - to the point where it is giving us a trailer for a trailer. You can see the video in its full 15 second glory above. Its entire purpose is to highlight the fact that melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat will definitely be a thing in BF1. "Bring a (blunt weapon) to a (gun) fight", the trailer teases. We're not too sure if that'd be the best idea in every scenario, but it does help whet our appetites for the upcoming trailer.

EA recommends that you subscribe to the game's official YouTube channel, as you'll be one of the first notified on June 12th when the trailer drops. This happens right in advance of E3, so this might very well be the biggest reveal we see of the game until after the event.