Scientists Crank UFO Research Into High Gear As Another Object Is Shot Down Over Canada

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A string of recent events, surrounding strange objects and occurrences in the sky, has stirred the interest of many in terms of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), also referred to as UFOs. From cylindrical to balloon-like objects or a green laser light show, more people are buzzing about UFO activity than perhaps ever before.

As technology has advanced through the years, the ability to rule out an unidentified flying object as being alien is becoming more difficult. A recently released report from the U.S. government shared that 171 of the sightings studied were labeled as being uncharacterized and unattributed. The All-Domain Anomaly Research Office (AARO) stated in the report that those sightings included some that moved "at considerable speed" and/or "without discernible means of propulsion." The most recent events have not only aroused the curiosity of the public in terms of UAP, but also provides those researching them more reasons to ramp up their efforts to study and quickly identify similar occurrences.

Perhaps the more well-known recent event involved a Chinese balloon that floated across the U.S., before being shot down over the Atlantic Ocean by a U.S. F-22 fighter jet. Two more incidents occurred over Alaska and Canada shortly after, with the end result of the unidentified objects being shot down as well.

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While the first object was quickly identified as a Chinese balloon, the second and third were not. The Pentagon and the White House were not immediately willing to give a detailed description of the object over Alaska, other than it was far smaller than the Chinese balloon. Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand also declined to speculate what the object over Canada was, other than it was cylindrical in shape and similar in appearance to the one shot down over the Atlantic.

A couple of days later, however, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shared in an interview with ABC that the government believes the flying objects shot down over Alaska and Canada were also balloons.

Another strange incident recently occurred over the skies of Hawaii. This time it was in the form of a green laser show that made some feel as though they had witnessed a glitch in the matrix. The first stab at what caused the eerie lights was that it came from a NASA ICESat 2 satellite. It was later stated that it came from a Chinese Daqi-1 satellite designed to study particle pollution.

In a statement concerning the ever-rising need for improved means of identifying UAP, Robert Powell, an executive board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP studies, remarked, "History has shown us that obtaining strong evidence related to UAP is not a trivial matter." He added, "A solution to the UAP enigma is going to require Congress to allocate funding to the scientific community. It will not be easy. The military has been investigating the phenomenon on and off for 75 years. Where have we gotten? We need change."

**Update: 2/12/2023 5:40pm EST** Another unidentified object has been shot down over Lake Huron on Sunday afternoon, according to a Tweet from Rep. Jack Bergman. Bergman concluded his post by remarking, "The American people deserve far more answers than we have."
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