SATA HD, DVD Express, Thermaltake's Silent Tower and some AMD Goodness

Good morning everyone :)  I am going to have to cut the banter to a minimum this AM, things in my life have turned out to be a lot crazier then I had expected.  Nevertheless, here is some juice...

Seagate Barracuda 160GB SATA HDD @ Bytesector

"Seagate is the lesser known of the three major companies vying for supremacy in the consumer hard drive market. Today, I will take a look at their latest technological offering, a Serial ATA hard drive. The Seagate series has retained the branding name of Barracuda throughout the past several years and it is now being used on their SATA series of hard drives. These drives sport a 7200RPM spindle, a nicely sized 8MB cache, 8.5 ms average seek time, and capacities of 80, 120, 160 and 200GBs!"

AMD Plant Tour @ VR-Zone

"VR-Zone has the opportunity to visit the AMD plant in Singapore which does Test Mark and Pack (TMP) for microprocessors such as K7 and K8 and chipsets."

AMD Athlon64 2800 Newcastle @ GamePC

"Today at GamePC, we've taken a look at AMD's new entry-level K8 processor, the Athlon64 2800 . Based on the 0.13 micron "Newcastle" architecture, this CPU is aiming to bring 64-bit goodness and on-die DDR memory controllers to the masses. With a 1.8 GHz clock rate and only 512k of cache, the Athlon64 2800 isn't going to be a benchmark burner, but the chip performs amazingly well for the money."

ADS Tech DVD Xpress @ Bjorn3D

"Take those old and dusty VHS tapes and convert them to digital video or even DVD with ADS Tech's DVD Xpress. It makes video capturing a snap."

Thermaltake Silent Tower @ Legion Hardware

"With that said there is not a lot more I have to say, basically the Silent Tower is another attempt at recreating the 3D Cooler. Unfortunately, to a much lesser degree which has obviously hampered performance. Though there is on positive aspect of this cooler, as the name would suggest this cooler has a very quiet operating volume. In fact it could almost be considered silent but not quite. For now I will stick with the Thermaltake cases but I think the Silent Tower is something that can be given a miss."

Time for me to run friends, I will catch you back here later today :) - Cheers