Sapphire X600 XT PCIE, CrazyPC's Vampire Mid-Tower Case and Others

Good evening friends, NJ here with your nightcap.  I just walked through the door from work, so I am going to cut the banter short.  The smell of fresh pasta and garlic bread is just killing me ;)  Here is your news shot...

 Sapphire X600 XT PCI Express Video Card Review @ AMD Zone

"The advanced graphics port first showed up long ago after the bottlenecks of the PCI interface were reached by the first graphics cards to fully stress the memory bandwidth of the interface. At the time, there was a lot of hype but no real performance difference between the two but in time the superior AGP interface eventually showed it's worth and became the only interface available for graphics cards until now with native PCI Express for ATI graphics cards. Today, we look at Sapphire's X600 XT which uses the new standard and to see what results we get."

 CrazyPC's Vampire Mid-Tower Case @ Club Overclocker

"The day has come that people are starting to care what their computer actually looks like.  It used to be that as long as the computer ran, just shove it under a desk and keep it out of sight out of mind.  Looks are especially important to the avid gamer that attends LAN parties on a regular basis.  The last thing you want to do is take a "name brand" computer to a LAN.  I have had people come up to me satisfied with the way their computer runs, but don't want to take it to a LAN because it is aGateway orDell.  The quickest and easiest fix for that is to buy a cool enclosure and transfer their parts."

 Antec Sonata @ Phoronix

"Antec, a name common in the computer industry for manufacturing reputable power supplies and cases, recently gave us an opportunity to examine the Antec Sonata, which is dubbed the quietest case available, but is it really worth your hard-earned paycheck?."

 DFI LanPartyUT 915P-T12 Review @ Ninjalane

"The DFI LanPartyUT 915P-T12 is really an amazing motherboard that packs in a ton of features that both enthusiasts and casemodders can enjoy."

 Thermaltake CircleFire 5.25" Drive Bay Speaker and Meters @ XYZ Computing

"Simply put, the CircleFire is a portable LED show and an in-case speaker but the Circle Fire really is intended as a LAN party conversation piece, with analog meters and LEDs to catch the eyes of your soon-to-be-fragged opponents. However, there actually is quite a bit more you can do with the Circle Fire to justify its purchase."

 UV X-Connect 500W Modular PSU @ PimpRig

"Opening up the PSU I could see that the Green UV intake fan has a UV cold cathode installed on it which should really make this thing glow. The inside is pretty packed but I couldn't see any major changes from the original X-Connect other than the fact that both heatsinks are now copper colored. The same method of providing juice to the PC is used here via an in-line rail."

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