SanDisk Turns Your Hard Drive Into Bulk Storage

Nifty, nifty, nifty. SanDisk, the inventor of flash storage cards, is out with a PCI Express compatible module for both laptops and desktops, that supplies from 8 to 16 gigabytes of sweet, sweet flash, to serve up frequently used files almost instantly. It lets you basically turn your whirling hard drive into nothing more than dedicated bulk storage for your prOn... um, files. I meant files. They call it the Vaulter Disk.

SanDisk Vaulter Disk accelerates performance by pre-controlling the distribution of storage data between itself and a high-capacity hard drive. This parallel activity increases overall user responsiveness over a hard drive-only configuration.

“SanDisk Vaulter Disk consistently boosts user responsiveness by taking advantage of the best native characteristics of a flash-based module and a hard drive,” said Tavi Salomon, Vaulter product manager at SanDisk “It is the parallel operation of both Vaulter and the hard disk that provides an affordable solution for consumer PC users who will benefit from flash memory performance.”

The SanDisk Vaulter Disk’s storage concept, for which patents have been applied, transparently speeds up data retrieval for boot and application load operations, as well as unexpected user access to new files. With SanDisk Vaulter Disk, Salomon explained, there is faster response time when a user randomly accesses many small files for repeated operations, such as opening applications, and for unexpected behavior, such as retrieving new applications or entries on the Internet.

Current operating systems like Vista have the capability to be configured to take advantage of any available flash memory to boost boot times for often used programs, but you can't do much better than shoving 16 GB right into the mobo, can you? The Consumer Electronics Association seems to agree. They awarded SanDisk the Best of Innovations 2008 in the Enabling Technologies category for the Vaulter. I want one!