Samurai Case, Shuttle SN95G5, DFI LANParty and DDR2 Galore

Finally, it's over. The Red Sox made history last night with their amazing march to, and through, the World Series. After sending the Yankees back home with a 4 game come back, they just kept on winning, shutting out the Cardinals in 4 games. I'm not a big baseball fan, but you have to respect that. These guys dug deep and did the unthinkable, over and over and over. There is some good Mojo hanging over Massachusetts lately, now it's the Patriots turn to keep the winning streak alive. Enough sports talk from me, here is your news for this AM!

Raidmax Samurai ATX Gaming Case Review @ BigBruin.Com:

"In essence what Raidmax did was to take a plain square case and screw plastic panels and shells to it to obtain the unusual shape and contours of this case. They then applied the top notch paint job and some trim pieces, and presto you have one very unusual and stunning case... perhaps just a bit reminiscent of something from Alienware."

Shuttle SN95G5 Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware:

"Here we can see the latest rendition of Shuttle's ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine) cooling solution for the SN95G5. From the picture you can see that the base of the ICE cooling system is made of copper with heatpipes connecting to the aluminum exhaust portion of the cooling unit. Installation of the ICE cooling unit was very easy, with it being just like any other Shuttle SFF system. You attack the heatsink, fasten it tight with the included fastener, and just install the 80mm exhaust fan."

Mushkin LII-V2 1024MB PC3200 @ ipKonfig:

"Mushkin has recently introduced its next generation of High Performance memory, called V2, in 256MB and 512MB modules. The new memory sweeps in with a custom 6 layer PCB using high quality componets available to the memory industry."

Corsair XMS2 5400 Pro DDR2 RAM @ PimpRig:

"One more time, DDR-2 has better performance than DDR, but not nearly living up to the hype of being the next greatest thing in RAM. The difference between the 1:1 and 3:4 configurations is hardly noticable. Suffice to say, at stock clocks, the new DDR-2 format dissapoints. However, we're going to see where these new sticks of RAM really come into their own by stepping on the gas..."

ATI HDTV Wonder Review @ Designtechnica:

"There's no denying the incredible picture improvement of HD broadcasts over regular analog TV. The ATI HDTV Wonder does a good job of allowing you to enjoy this amazing video on your computer at a fraction of the cost of an HDTV. Of course, an HDTV is often much larger than a computer monitor and if you get an HDTV set, chances are you will just get an HD tuner from your cable company – allowing you to enjoy all of the HD cable channels as well as the over-the-air broadcasts."

DFI's LANParty 925X-T2 and UT 915P-T12 motherboards @ The Tech Report:

"Since it just wouldn't be showing off without the latest hardware, DFI has updated its LANParty family over time. The latest additions to the line are the LANParty 925X-T2 and UT 915P-T12. Based on Intel's 900-series chipsets and LGA775 socket, these new LANPartys take aesthetics and extras to a whole new level. Read on to see how they stack up against each other and the competition."

That's it for now, but come back often, we've got more treats on the way!

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