Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Hasn’t Even Launched Yet But You Can Reserve A Preorder Now

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Are you the kind of person who loves bleeding edge flagship smartphones? Samsung sure hopes so because they're already allowing reservations for pre-orders for their next Galaxy S phone, the Samsung Galaxy S22.

If you do opt to pre-order you will get benefits such as a $50 Samsung store credit redeemable for other Galaxy Products during the pre-order process, as well as other benefits that only the early birds will have access to.

Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business at Samsung, in a recent blog post, stated that with every generation of a Samsung Galaxy device Samsung has introduced features that "...redefine the entire mobile category." and continued to tease that Samsung will "...rewrite the future of smartphones once again."

TM Roh Editorial Image
Dr. TM Roh - Samsung

Though we are not entirely certain of the exact details of these next Galaxy flagship devices, this comes a little bit of a surprise with rumors in the market that the manufacturer has decided to drop Exynos in favor of Snapdragon for the Samsung Galaxy S22. However, Samsung did officially unveil the Exynos 2200 on the 18th last week, though it wasn't explicitly stated it would make it to the Galaxy S22. Regardless, Samsung is well known for making high quality products not just in smartphones and mobile devices, but numerous other markets as well, such as displays, memory and storage, appliances, TVs and more. 

The company is expected to provide more details on the new flagship devices at their Unpacked event in February. As an aside, in addition to being able to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S22, you also will apparently be able to pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as well. Head right here for preorder access for both unreleased Samsung devices.

Update 1/23/22: Changes were made to this article to better reflect the reservation aspect of this Samsung promotion. 

Top image, credit: weibo