Samsung Toys, Spyware Low-Down, Soltek Mobo and More

Hey folks, it's that time again.  Sadly, we heard some disturbing news about Abit yesterday. The reports are there is a fair amount of financial wrong doing going on and the Taiwan authorities have stepped into the picture.  Here's the latest details so far, but we'll need to stay tuned and see how this unfolds.

The 12 Stars of Samsung for 2005 @ HardwareZoom:

"Here is a sneak preview of 12 Samsung hottest products which will be released in year 2005. From 56" wide screen DLP TV to the ultra compact MP3 player about the size of your thumb. Other highlight includes six compact & stylish clamshell/sliding phones, laser printer, video camera, LCD TV & DVD Recorder."

How Anti-Spyware Software Works @ The Tech Zone:

"We all should know it to realize what exactly to expect from all these anti-spy products with cool names. Their creators and sellers promise you that these software products will "kill all spyware on your PC" (or something like that). First, is absolute protection possible? Second, what should we expect from a typical anti-spy program and what it is simply unable to do? To answer these questions, we should understand how it works."

Soltek SL-915GPro-FGR Review @ Ninjalane:

"The Soltek SL-915GPro-FGR is a rather unique motherboard, not only does it come with 4 DDR1 memory banks but includes a BIOS level automagic overclocking utility called SAT (Smart Acceleration Technology) that actually works."

Two ASUS Notebooks Review: A4B00L and A4S00G @ XBitlabs:

"We are going to test two major representatives of the product line: one targeted for the budget segment and another for the performance segment. Find out now which one would be the best choice for you!"


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