Samsung To Give Galaxy Note 7 Customers 50 Percent Discount On Galaxy S8 Or Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is continuing to make efforts to atone for its Galaxy Note 7 debacle, aiming its latest mea culpa at affected owners living in its home country of South Korea. The offer over there is to exchange the recalled Galaxy Note 7 for a either a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge handset at half price and then be eligible to trade up to a Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, or Galaxy Note 8 at no cost when the phones launch next year.

The South Korean phone maker ended production of the Galaxy Note 7 amid ongoing reports of devices overheating and catching fire. Samsung thought it had a handle on the situation when it replaced recalled handsets with a version equipped with a different battery, but even those replacement phones seemed to suffer from the same overheating problem. Facing a second recall on the same model phone, Samsung decided to permanently discontinue the device.


Since then, Samsung has been making an effort to retain customers. Here in the United States, Samsung offered Galaxy Note 7 customers up to a $100 credit if they chose to swap the recalled device for another one of its own brand phones. At this point, it is all about damage control and trying to keep customer losses to a minimum.

The special upgrade program in South Korea has customers trading in their recalled Galaxy Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, inking a two-year agreement, and making 12 monthly payments. At that point, they'd be eligible to trade in their handset for a Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8/S8 Edge for free. If they want to upgrade to something else beforehand, they'd simply need to pay the remainder of the 12 monthly installments.

Those who take advantage of the offer will also receive "Fast track" service with benefits similar to the Galaxy Club, including 50 percent off LCD repairs, a perk they can take advantage of twice.

In announcing the program, Samsung indirectly confirms that it will continue with both the Galaxy Note line and Galaxy name for future phones. Both were in question after recalling the Galaxy Note 7.