Samsung Slashes, MSI Matches: Monster Deals On 49-Inch Gaming Monitors

Gamer playing on Samsung's 49-inch Odyssey OLED gaming monitor.
If you have come to conclusion that there is nothing your battle station needs more than a giant-sized gaming monitor, then 'Whew, doggy!', you are going to love the current deals landscape. Monster displays measuring 49 inches or even bigger have seen some recent price cuts, with both Samsung and MSI getting in on the action. Let's have a look at some of the enticing options that are out there right now.

We'll kick things off with Samsung's 49-inch Odyssey OLED G9 (G95SC), which is marked down to $1,099.99 at Amazon. That's a bodacious $700 price cut versus the MSRP (39% off) on a big display with a desirable OLED screen for color-accurate images and nary a response time to speak of (just 0.03ms). It also features a fast 240Hz refresh rate, FreeSync Premium Pro and G-Sync Compatible badges, and DisplayHDR True Black 400 certification.

The resolution on this beast is 5120x1440 (32:9 aspect ratio), so it's essentially like having dual 2560x1440 displays merged into a single chassis. Also notable is that this latest discount delivers price parity to Samsung's G93SC, which is also discounted to $1,099.99. They're essentially the same monitor, except the G95SC adds smart features, a game bar, and comes with an IR remote.

Our only real gripe is the warranty. When we asked a Samsung support agent about the warranty terms on the G95SC, we were told it carries just a 1-year guarantee and that it does not include burn-in for coverage. On the bright side, there are mitigations in place to help thwart burn-in, which is less of an issue these days (though not non-existent).

MSI MPG 49-inch OLED gaming monitor on a rocky planetary background.

Not to be outdone on pricing, MSI's 49-inch MPG QD-OLED (491CQP) gaming monitor is also sale and a little cheaper, priced at $999.99 at Amazon (save $100). It shares several of the same specifications as the Samsung Odyssey model above, such as an OLED panel with a 5120x1440 resolution (32:9 aspect ratio), a negligible 0.03ms response time, and DisplayHDR True Black 400 certification.

The key difference are that it sports a slower (but still fast) 144Hz refresh rate and there's no mention of it being G-Sync Compatible. That doesn't mean it won't work with G-Sync, but your mileage may vary. In return, you save $100 compared to Samsung's display.

It should also be noted that MSI offers a 3-year warranty on this model, and it explicitly covers burn-in to boot.

Samsung 49-inch Odssey G9 gaming monitor on a black and gray gradient background.

Don't want to pay extra for OLED? You certainly don't have to—you can score a Samsung 49-inch Odyssey G9 (G95C) gaming monitor for $799.99 at Amazon (save $500), which is 38% below the MSRP. While it doesn't boast fancy display technologies like OLED or mini LED, it's a big and bright display that checks several desirable boxes.

For one, this is a FreeSync Premium Pro monitor. It also features DisplayHDR 1000 certification, part of which entails being able to hit an eye-searing 1,000 nits peak brightness, which helps make HDR content pop. Additionally, you're looking at the same 5120x1440 resolution (32:9 aspect ratio) as the two other displays above, along with a 240Hz refresh rate and a low 1ms gray to gray (GtG) response time. Overall, it's a solid value on a gargantuan gaming monitor.

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