Samsung Shipping 64GB Flash Drives

If you're interested in energy efficient storage devices, consider this the dawning of a new age. Not a week passes without another company announcing a new hybrid or solid state drive (SSD). Samsung is now joining the ever-growing list of companies shipping these devices.  Here's a tidbit from their press release:

"Taipei, Taiwan - March 27, 2007: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the leader in advanced semiconductor technology, announced at its annual Mobile Solution Forum in Taipei that it has developed a 1.8"-type 64 Gigabyte (GB) flash-solid state drive (SSD). The new flash-SSD is based on an eight gigabit (Gb) single-level-cell (SLC) NAND, which provides significantly higher performance over conventional SSDs. The read and write performance of the new SLC flash-SSD have been increased by 20 percent and 60 percent respectively over the 32GB flash-SSD Samsung introduced last year, meaning that the new SSD's ability to outperform conventional rotating-media hard drives is even greater than had been anticipated."