Samsung And Qualcomm Developing 10LPP Snapdragon 845 For Galaxy S9

Keith Kressin Ben Suh Samsung
The dust has barely settled following the launch of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-based Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but there’s already talk of the chip’s successor. For those that need a refresher, the Snapdragon 835 was designed by Qualcomm and is built by Samsung on a 10-nanometer manufacturing process.

The upcoming Snapdragon 845, however, is reportedly already in development according to a report from The Investor. Once again, Samsung and Qualcomm are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to designing the next generation smartphone processor, although the report indicates that either Samsung or TSMC will be capable of producing the chip.

The Snapdragon 845 will allegedly find a home inside next year’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagships. When Qualcomm and Samsung first announced the Snapdragon 835 late last year, the duo boasted a 27 percent boost in performance and a 40 percent reduction in power compared to its 14nm Snapdragon 821 predecessor.

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It is likely that Snapdragon 845 will be based on Samsung’s second generation 10nm FinFET process, which it calls 10LPP (Low Power Plus). The Snapdragon 835 used Samsung’s first generation 10LPE (Low-Power Early) process tech. Samsung says that 10LPP will allow for another 10 percent uplift in performance or a further 15 percent reduction in power consumption.

“With our successful 10LPE production experience, we have commenced production of the 10LPP to maintain our leadership in the advanced-node foundry market,” said Ryan Lee, Vice President of Foundry Marketing at Samsung Electronics, in a statement last week.

“10LPP will be one of our key process offerings for high performance mobile, computing and network applications, and Samsung will continue to offer the most advanced logic process technology.”