Samsung Prototypes AMOLED Notebook, Drool Now

OLED displays share the promise of low power, high def, ultra-high contrast goodness.  In fact Samsung claims their new line of AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic LED) panels boast 20X the contrast ratio of standard LCDs.  In addition, since the panels do not require any back-lighting, they consume much less power, so they are well suited for portable applications obviously.  Also, since they're based on LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, viewing angles, response times and brightness are also wonderfully impressive.  Though Samsung is currently shipping OLED-based screens for small, power sensitive products like cell phones, Samsung's SDI group claims their manufacturing process is improving, such that computer monitor products based on AMOLED technology should start rolling out in 2009.  And of course they decided to tease us with a prototype notebook, just for good measure...

Samsung AMOLED-Based 12.1" Notebook Prototype - Courtesy Samsung SDI

This fetching little machine boasts a 12.1" AMOLED screen with a high def, wide screen resolution of 1280X768.  Also notice the glossy, touch-key based keyboard area, which should make issues with sticky fingered operators a thing of the past.  Glazed doughnut powered blogging session?  No problem, just find some gentle cleaning agent and wipe it down.  However, for those of us that are partial to a "clicky" key response and feel, this keyboard may take some getting use to.  The lovely lady on the screen seems to be so pleased as punch that she simply must point to her dimpled expression of joy.  Either that or she's checking her vitals.  We'd guess it's probably the latter.  Sleek new concept products like this tend to quicken our collective pulse as well.