Samsung Patent Filing Shows Folding Dual Screen Galaxy Device

There have been plenty of rumors and leaks about a Samsung Galaxy device with a folding screen flying around over the last few months. A new patent application surfaced recently that outlines a folding Galaxy device with two screens. It looks very much like the device in Microsoft's patent with dual folding screens that surfaced over the weekend.

This new Samsung Galaxy device seen in the patent isn’t to be confused with the seamless folding screen device that has been rumored so frequently of late. The device in the patent application clearly has two separate screens that are attached by a hinge in the middle. Each of the screens can show different data.

galaxy patent front

The patent filing is titled "Mobile device with touchscreen and method of controlling the same" and can be viewed here (PDF). The documentation also talks about the gaming and multimedia aspects of the smartphone.

galaxy patent gaming

When the two screens are closed, they are protected inside the cover. They can be opened and laid fully flat with the same content extended across both or with different content on each screen. This would allow you to continue watching a video or surfing Facebook while you are checking email for instance.

galaxy patent front

The patent also talked about the ability to use the second screen of the Galaxy device as a touch controller for a game running on the second screen. That second screen is also usable as a trackpad input area and the device might be S Pen compatible as well. Naturally, a patent filing doesn't mean the tech will ever come to market.

galaxy patent control

A device like this is really the only way that screen sizes can continue to grow as we are reaching the limit of easily pocketable smartphones, and have already exceeded that limit for some users. This patent filing turning up will make many wonder if the device that will allegedly be unveiled at CES next month will be this hinged, dual screen folding device rather than a device with a seamless folding screen. We only have a few weeks before we know since CES 2018 kicks off in early January.