Samsung's Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone May Materialize At CES 2018

There have been a number of rumors making the rounds lately that suggest Samsung is at work on a smartphone that will bring intriguing new technology and a new form factor to the smartphone world. The device is tipped to be called the Galaxy X and would have a folding form factor with a bendable screen. We originally heard that a concept device could land this year, but an official unveiling is now thought to be coming in January during CES 2018, placing the folding screen device on Samsung's 2018 roadmap. The big benefit of a folding screen Galaxy X would be the ability to give users a larger screen that can fold down making it more portable and pocketable.

Samsung Display Foldable Display

Forbes has put some serious thought into when this device might launch and reckons it won't happen in February because that is when the Galaxy S9 is expected to be revealed. The leadup to the launch of that device would happen in March with availability kicking off in April. Therefore Samsung wouldn't want a new device to overshadow that debut so those months are out for the Galaxy X.

As for this year, the thought is that with the Note 8 being so important to Samsung and it's just now building up steam, a reveal of the Galaxy X in October or November is out because it could hurt Note 8 sales. CES isn't traditionally a big smartphone launching place but that has been changing. HMD Global did reveal an Android device at CES this year.

With CES being huge and swamped with press, a reveal at the show in January makes sense. Before you get too excited, remember that this device isn't likely to come to the US. If Samsung does bring the Galaxy X to market, it will likely be a device exclusive to its home country of South Korea because initial production will be limited. With the OLED iPhone X already at $1,000, it's a bit scary to think how much Samsung might demand for the Galaxy X.

The Galaxy X is thought to be part number SM-G888N0, a designation that was found on a filing for Bluetooth certification. That same model number also turned up at the Wi-Fi Alliance on a Wi-Fi certification. In South Korea, the model number turned up at the National Radio Research Agency, the equivalent of the FCC here in the US. All of those leaks point to a device that is relatively close to launch.