Samsung's Folding Screen Smartphone Allegedly Confirmed For 2018 Launch

We have been hearing rumors for a while now about a Samsung smartphone that features a folding screen. The rumors peg the device to debut next year and so far, reports indicate that the folding smartphone could be unveiled at CES next month. A new report has come in that claims to confirm that the smartphone is indeed launching next year.

Samsung Display Foldable Display

The report quotes Samsung Mobile president Ko Dong-jin who told Business Korea that the smartphone will indeed launch next year. There are still no hard details on the smartphone to speak of. The device is thought to be called the Galaxy X, but there is no confirmation of that just yet.

The closest we have to confirmation of the device before came when Samsung accidentally put a support page for a smartphone wearing model number SM-G888N0 online, which is the rumored designation for the folding screen smartphone.

Samsung won’t be alone in entering the folding screen smartphone realm. Yet more rumors hint that LG is getting into the folding smartphone market and a patent application from Apple shows it's considering the same type of device. There are still lots of questions about folding screen devices right now.

The big question is if the folding screens will be single unbroken screens or if they will be dual screen devices that unfold with a small gap between them. Consumers would certainly prefer the single piece screen, but today's technology might not support that.

It's interesting that there are so many rumors and Samsung itself talking about the Galaxy X folding screen device. An old patent app image from Samsung shows a folding smartphone that has a larger gap on the hinge side than on the front edges making it seem as if the device has a single piece folding screen. We only have weeks to go now before CES 2018 and if rumors hold true, we will see what the phone is like at the show. Samsung Display has previousy said don't expect folding screen smartphones until 2019.