Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 And Galaxy Ring FCC Listing Reveals Key Details

hero Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Leaked renders 3 scaled
Oh snap, eager fans of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 could be in for some disappointment, namely a meager increase in battery capacity. Prior leaks assumed Samsung was developing a 4,000 mAh combined capacity for the Flip 6, but newly leaked information claims only a slight bump over the Flip 5's 3,600 mAh rating. On a more positive note, there are leaked details on the battery size for the Samsung Ring, which looks to be quite competitive.

An historically reliable leaker just released supposed screenshots of what looks like Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 6 5G and Galaxy Ring in the FCC database. Of note, the listings reveal battery information for both devices. The next-gen Flip 6 (model number SM-F741U), as before, sports one battery in each half of the clamshell form factor. The certification shows that the new phone will feature 3,887 mAh of combined capacity. For comparison, the Z Flip 5 had 3,591 mAh, which gives the new model an 8.3% (296 mAh) increase. 

As owners of any of the current clamshell foldable phones can tell you, battery life isn't their strong suit. When rumors swirled around a larger 4,000 mAh for the Flip 6, fans were rejoicing in the streets. So on one hand, 3,887 mAh can be seen as a disappointment, but it's close enough to the magical 4,000 that Samsung may actually market the device that way. Also, let's not forget that the Flip 6 is slated to have Qualcomm's powerful yet efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which could lead to even greater endurance.


Over to the highly-anticipated Galaxy Ring, potential Samsung Health paywall notwithstanding, the FCC listing states that the battery will range from 17 to 22 mAh (depending on ring size), which is on par with much of the competition. The Oura Ring, for instance, features 15 to 22 mAH versions. Samsung claims nine days out of the Galaxy Ring, whereas the Oura realistically gets around seven days to empty.

In terms of sizing, the Galaxy Ring will come in size 5 to size 12. Like most smart rings nowadays, there are no half sizes available.

All said, these numbers for the Flip 6 and Galaxy Ring should be accurate not just because they're seemingly pulled from the FCC, but also that the Flip 6 stats have recently been found in PSI Testing and Certification LTD website with the same battery capacities.