Samsung Galaxy Owners Flip Out Over Foldable Android Phones As Demand Skyrockets

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 next to an Android figuirine
The market for foldable smartphones is expanding, and in a big way, according to figures shared by Samsung. Having played an instrumental role in pushing foldable Android phones into the mainstream, Samsung says we are fast approaching the moment where these kinds of devices are graduating from niche status and becoming widespread.

Numbers will vary depending on where you're sourcing the data. But if going by Samsung's audit, nearly 10 million foldable smartphones shipped last year, representing a massive 300 percent jump from 2020. In a blog post, Samsung's Dr. TM Roh says he believes this fast-paced growth will continue. His remarks come just weeks before Samsung's next Galaxy Unpacked event, in which the South Korean device maker is expected to launch its Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone lines.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip animated GIF
Looking back just a few short years ago, Dr. TM Roh states, "We saw an opportunity not only to design a new shape but also to create new experiences that had never been possible with a smartphone before. Overcoming many technological hurdles, we successfully introduced the first-ever foldable smartphone in 2019 and have changed the future of our industry ever since."

The segment has not been without its growing pains. After the first Galaxy Fold launched, complaints about design flaws piled up, prompting Samsung's then-CEO Koh Dong-Jin to admit it was "pushed through before it was ready," and labeling the situation as "embarrassing."

While only three years ago, that feels like ancient history at this point. Subsequent releases have been much better, as can be seen in our Galaxy Z Fold3 review and Galaxy Z Flip3 review. Samsung is hitting its stride.

According to Samsung, foldable buyers are especially enamored with its Flip phones.

"Last year, 70% of Galaxy foldable users turned to the Flip to help them see the world from a different point of view. Flip users love owning a device built for self-expression, whether choosing bold color options for their device or taking pictures in a new way with Flex mode," Dr. TM Roh says.

According to Digital Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), foldable smartphone shipments rose an enormous 571 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2022. Samsung gave up some share to the competition during that time, but still dominates the category by accounting for 74 percent of all foldable shipments, followed by Huawei in a distant second at 20 percent. And by model, the Galaxy Z Flip3 led the way for a third straight quarter, claiming a 51 percent share of the overall foldable market.