Samsung Galaxy S24 Lineup Memory Configs Exposed And They Might Surprise You

samsung s24 memory hero

Ice Universe, a reliable leaker, posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the upcoming Samsung S24 will only be available with 8GB of RAM. Ice Universe did not hold back their feelings about this, qualifying it as “Bad News.”

However, the leaks didn’t stop with the S24, as Ice Universe got a hold of the memory configurations from across the S24 lineup. The S24+ will be available with 8GB and 12GB of RAM, while the S24+ Ultra will also be getting 8GB and 12GB configurations. According to Ice Universe, “16GB does not exist.” Users looking forward to upgrading to the S24 might be disappointed by the amount of memory Samsung seems to have decided to put in the upcoming smartphones.

ice universe tweet

Ice Universe also felt it necessary to take shots at Tae Moon Roh—the man in charge of Samsung’s mobile division—, stating, “even when memory prices dropped significantly, TM Roh still insisted on using 8GB of memory for S24. One UI 6's junk backend memory management mechanism required a lot of memory, but Samsung only gave S24 8GB of RAM. I have scolded TM Roh countless times, and I am tired. He is really Samsung's cancer.”

These are very harsh words coming from someone who is plugged into what the company is doing and has such a large of following in the community. It certainly doesn’t bode well for Samsung if users are already upset with what the company will have on offer with their future lineup of smartphones.