Alleged Details Of Samsung Galaxy S10 X Flagship Show 5G Wireless And A Beefy 12GB Of RAM

Samsung is hoping to knock it out of the park with its upcoming Galaxy S10 family of flagship smartphones. Its current Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ haven’t exactly been [sales] winners for the company; in fact, reports suggest that they are the slowest selling Galaxy flagships since 2012.

Given that the Galaxy S10 will represent the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s “S” line, the company has a host of fresh technology on deck to impress customers and spark a “super upgrade” cycle as we saw with the launch of the Apple iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus back in 2014. The latest rumor suggests that there will be four models: Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10 X, and Galaxy S10 X 5G.

Galaxy S9 Plus Back in hand rain
Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Galaxy S10 will be the least expensive, entry-level model and would be analogous to the iPhone XR in the lineup. Then there will be the Galaxy S10 Plus, which will be positioned against the iPhone XS. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are expected to feature 6GB and 8GB of RAM respectively, while both will include a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display.

Where things get really interesting, however, is with the Galaxy S10 X and Galaxy S10 X 5G which are expected to feature a display measuring around 6.4 inches and target the iPhone XS Max. The Galaxy S10 X will reportedly come equipped with 8GB of RAM, while the Galaxy S10 X 5G will come with 5G wireless connectivity and an unheard of 12GB of RAM. We’re just now seeing smartphones with 10GB of RAM, so 12GB is really pushing the envelope — that is if this Weibo document leak is credible.

galaxy s10 samsung

In addition to the above-mentioned specs, the Galaxy S10 line will likely incorporate an in-display fingerprint reader, selfie cameras embedded into the display, and speakers that transmit sound through the display. All of this tech will likely drive up the cost of the display panel (and replacement costs should you crack it), but will allow Samsung to go with a bezel-free design sans display notch.

Other specs reportedly on tap for the Galaxy S10 family include dual selfie cameras, triple rear cameras, a 2Gbps LTE modem, and Samsung Exynos 9820 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoCs (U.S. and Chinese markets).